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Emotion for Change – Concerts

Climate change is affecting our lives and it is caused at least in part by our behaviours.

Extreme weather events, increased flooding of coastal areas and bleaching of coral reefs are just some of its effects, but Climate Change can also be the cause of myriad other changes in our environment, in an endless reverberation and magnification of simple acts of human beings.

Starting a virtuous cycle can be as easy and as simple as turning off a light, or boiling no more than the amount of water actuallyrequired to make a tea or coffee.

Let’s be aware of what small changes in our behaviours could do for our planet!

The musical project "Emotion for Change" aims to raise awareness on Climate Change and Global Warming, following the United Nations “COP 21” Paris Climate Change Conference which produced an agreement to keep global warming below the limit of 2 degrees Celsius. Many people do understand the threat of Climate Change, but still are not sufficiently motivated to take action. What is lacking in those cases is an invisible thing called emotion.

Sara Michieletto's performance looks to music, the universal feel-maker, to conjure up an emotional and effective response to Climate Change.

During the concerts, Michieletto speaks briefly while introducing each piece of music: this breaks down the invisible wall between audience and performer and helps to reach a more authentic exchange between them.

The pieces are carefully chosen and organised in order to create a sort of organic emotional crescendo in the performance, with a dramatic climax in the middle and a hopeful and proactive atmosphere at the end.

Each piece is poetically linked to a specific subject related to global warming, for example, FRATREs, by Ärvo Part, talks about human beings losing their bond with nature; "Surgite", by Barbara Strozzi, invites us to stand up for what we care mostabout; "Planting a seed" by Sara Michieletto, is about simple actions that we can take to try to mitigate the impact of global warming.

The selection of music is in part composed especially for this project by Prof. Michieletto inspired by the issue of global warming, and in part chosen from Venetian and International composers.

The concert is designed to be played either by the violin alone, or with two to five musical instruments, depending on the budget and on the availability of musicians.


Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible